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Globo opens new studio for Tokyo Olympics |  the Olympics

Globo opens new studio for Tokyo Olympics | the Olympics

Tokyo Olympics is coming. On the 23rd, at 8:00 a.m., the world’s largest multi-sport event will open, and Globo has prepared a very intense and special coverage. Starting with the opening of the new studio for these releases, which will contain the latest technology, virtual solutions and real-time images that will transport the viewer to the Japanese capital.

The opening ceremony will be led by Galvão Bueno, who will be along with reporter Marcos Ochoa and commentators who have closely experienced the emotions of the biggest sporting event on the planet: former athletes Fabi, from volleyball, Flavio Canto, judo, and Diane dos Santos, artistic gymnastics.

Established at Globo Studios, in Rio de Janeiro, on an area of ​​400 square metres, the Olympic studio is inspired by Japanese architecture, which blends tradition and modernity. It is an evolution of the “Magic Box”, a concept created for the 2018 World Cup studio in Russia.

Three cameras installed in Tokyo will send live images from the Games headquarters to the approximately 80 square meters of LED screens that make up the circular landscape. It will be 270 degrees wide and will be a window to Tokyo: when night falls in the Japanese capital, this will be the image the viewer sees, even if the sun is still shining in Brazil.

Olympic Studio – Photography: Advertising

– The studio will be a virtual window that feels like you’re in Tokyo. Screens will be filled with virtual themed pieces of the distinctive elements of each sport. This allows us to make a different environment every day. We can play with elements of all Olympic styles – explains Gilberto Castanon, Globo’s Director of Sports and Events Technology.

The studio will be the heart of TV Globo’s premier Olympic coverage, with over 200 hours of content, and SporTV, with its four channels. On TV Globo, Alex Escobar and Felipe Andreoli take turns in the space for live entries in TV programs and news, from “Hora 1” to “Jornal da Globo”, passing through “Bom Dia Brasil”, “Jornal Hoje” and “Jornal” Nacional ” , as well as in Fantástico, on Sundays.

There also Felipe Andreoli presents the national version of “Globo Esporte”, and Lucas Gutierrez releases “Esporte Espetacular”. The studio also has three booths, where narrators such as Galvão Bueno, Luís Roberto, Cleber Machado and the Olympic Team of Commentators broadcast TV Globo events.

On SporTV, “Ohayo Tokyo”, led daily by Marcelo Barreto and Bernardino, opens the Olympic flight on SporTV, at 6 p.m. For the program, the studio acquires a different visual identity and furniture, with space to receive guests.

– Of course we wouldn’t say we’re in Tokyo, but the studio will give us that feeling. Technology, for example, has allowed us to increase our angle of view. At the World Cup in Russia, the studio set up on Red Square in Moscow had a 180-degree view. Now, there will be 270. It is one of the strengths of our Olympic coverage and will give us the opportunity to convey all the emotions of an event already born in history – explains Joanna Thimutio, Director of Sporting Events at Globo.

The Tokyo Olympics officially begin on the 23rd, with the opening at the Olympic Stadium but the competitions begin this Tuesday, with softball. In football, the match begins on the 21st, with the Brazilian women’s team facing China, at 05:00.

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