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Marcelo justifies himself to CONMEBOL about making an offer in Argentinos Juniors x Fluminense and is waiting for the decision |  Fluminense

Marcelo justifies himself to CONMEBOL about making an offer in Argentinos Juniors x Fluminense and is waiting for the decision | Fluminense

With a feeling of discomfort in his thigh, Marcelo did not go onto the field at CT Carlos Castillo on Monday, but he did take part in a video conference with CONMEBOL’s appeals committee earlier in the evening and justified himself over the move that seriously injured Luciano Sanchez. In the Argentinos Juniors vs. Fluminense From the round of 16 to CONMEBOL Libertadores. However, the virtual meeting was only for the left-back to present his version and at the moment there has been no change in the penalty, which will take him out of two matches against Olympia in the quarter-finals.

Marcelo dribbles past defender Sanchez, gets to his feet, and inadvertently breaks his opponent’s leg

Marcelo explained the move well and had a good interaction with the CONMEBOL members, not least because the left-back had played for many years in Spain and had a good command of the Spanish language, which facilitated understanding by the appeals committee. Now player f Fluminense Waiting for a decision from the authority in the coming days, will it keep the penalty or will it reconsider.

The idea is to eliminate or reduce the penalty given by Conmebol. Regardless of whether a player has the physical conditions to play (he got injured in the first half against América-MG), defending himself is key. First, reiterating that there is no malice on the part of the left-back. Also to show that the club wants to maintain an open dialogue with the Confederation.

Marcelo, Fluminense winger, warming up – Image: Clone / Flow TV

On CONMEBOL’s part, listening to Marcelo is a way to escape the argument that he didn’t give the left-back a chance to defend. a Fluminense Attempt to request an annulment of the trial specifically because the request for the player to defend himself during the hearing was not granted. This is a last card, since the penalty applied by chance was the maximum penalty allowed without the right of appeal, according to Clause “c” of the eighth paragraph of Article 64 of the Conmebol Disciplinary Code, which reads as follows:

Article 64 of the Conmebol Disciplinary Code, on appeals – Image: reproduction

The final decisions of the Disciplinary Committee may be appealed to the Appeal Committee, unless the disciplinary measure imposed is one of the following:

  • the. warning;
  • B. Apercibimiento (which would act as a “call to attention”);
  • w. a suspension of up to three matches or two months;
  • Dr.. fines of up to fifteen thousand US dollars (US$15,000) to member associations or clubs;
  • that it. Fines of up to five thousand US dollars (US$5,000) for others
  • cases;
  • f. to commit a breach of Section 55 (procedurally incorrect or improper conduct);
  • g. – suspension of the application of disciplinary measures;
  • h. Doping Offenses.

Al-Wahshi was sent off for “extremely rough play”

Sanchez immediately fell to the ground, Marcelo stopped the movement, and then, when he saw what had happened, he was devastated. The Argentinos Juniors defender dislocated his left knee and should be out of action for up to 12 months. The Argentine club doctor said this was the worst injury he had seen in 23 years of treatment.

Fluminense winger Marcelo posts a message of support for Luciano Sanchez, from Argentinos Juniors – Image: reproduction/Instagram

Going into the locker room earlier, when he received the red card, Marcelo tried to talk Luciano Sanchez. He went to the Argentinos Juniors locker room, but the defender had already been taken to the hospital. The tricolor winger took the opposing player’s phone and called him via message, wishing Luciano the best recovery. In addition to the team, he also received letters from Brazilians cheering for improvement.

I received many letters in all languages. I know they all have the best energies. Then they sent me a lot of messages from Brazil too. Thank you all for your interest. I’m fine, I’m resting, you can rest assured. I just want to thank you because no one knows me and without the need for it, without my knowledge, they left me messages with different wishes. It’s a lot for me, said Luciano Sanchez.

a Fluminense He will face Olimpia of Paraguay in the quarter-finals of the Libertadores. The first match is on Thursday 24 August at 21:30 in the Maracanã.

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