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Notifying Vasco of a debt of more than R$8 million with Andrey |  Basque

Notifying Vasco of a debt of more than R$8 million with Andrey | Basque

a Basque It was extrajudicially notified by Andrei’s representatives. The defensive midfielder and his businessmen are paid just over R$8 million referring to the two outstanding debt installments from the player’s sale to Chelsea.

Vasco’s debts are not only on Andrei. Representatives of the athlete and the company licensing his image also did not receive their commissions.

Andre Santos has a contract with Vasco until the end of June – Photography: Andre Durao

In an informal conversation with the press this Thursday, at CT Moacyr Barbosa, Vasco’s CEO, Luiz Mello, confirmed the notifications. The club is in contact with the sports team and is trying to renegotiate the debt.

However, the General Electric I heard from people related to Andrey that the player’s lawyer has already filed a lawsuit, and she is in court. The action takes place in the secrecy of justice. Vasco guarantees that it has not yet been cited in court and is committed to dialogue with businessmen.

I renegotiated the debt with the player several times. Vasco, which owns 70% of the economic rights to Andrei, was supposed to transfer 30% of the first payment received from Chelsea, in January. Which ended up not happening right away.

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Even debts were an obstacle to Andrei’s return on loan in February. After the impasse, the two parties renegotiated and agreed to pay the amount in three installments by the end of April. Only the first one has been paid.

The order of payment was as follows:

• R$ 3.6 million as of 3/3
• 6 million Brazilian reals until 3/31
• R$2.4 million as of 4/30

Meanwhile, Andre is with the U-20 team, which is contesting the World Cup in Argentina. The midfielder is on loan from Chelsea to Vasco until June 31.

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