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Marquinhos “answers” Messi and says if Argentina is the favorite in the Copa America

Marquinhos “answers” Messi and says if Argentina is the favorite in the Copa America

In a press conference on Wednesday (19). Marquinhos Respond to the statement Lionel Messi. The star stated that Argentina is the best team in the Copa America.

For the defender, Albiceleste, as the current champions of the competition, are truly the team to beat. However, the player Paris Saint-Germain He revealed that any favoritism goes down when the ball starts rolling.

“The current champion (Argentina) is always the team to beat. No matter the moment, we watched the Argentine team win a match Copa America We lived in a better time. This doesn’t mean anything. From the moment you step into the field, many things change, and these are stories that can change. It is up to us to make sure that all this strength takes us to the field so that we can work together as a team, as the Brazilian team deserves, and to be able to play great matches,” said the defender before repeating the statement.

“But it is very important that we do not think about each match individually, as we have great challenges leading to a possible final. And with the difficulties that we will face within the competition, it will make us create a shell, in order to be champion.”

Historical competition

The last time Brazil He won the Copa America in 2019, when he beat Peru at home. Now, Marquinhos and others who were part of the title campaign are telling the youngsters how important the competition is.

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“The Copa America is a historic competition, and it carries a lot of weight. This is what we mentioned. Everyone who was a champion and lost the Copa America the following year, we know the difference in this moment, how good you are.” Winning and how bad it would be if we lost, we take this with us, like baggage, we try to convey this information to those who are playing for the first time.

“For a tournament, being champion is very good. It was good for us, and it was also good for Argentina. We saw how we can generate a positive wave and lead the way to victory. It is very important to focus and do everything we can.” We have spent almost 20 days of hard work focusing on the competition, mostly at the end of the season, but we are trying to collect as much information as possible so that we can prepare for this competition, and provide enough. The value and importance of every detail. The teacher is the first to give importance to this competition, and we, the most experienced, who know the difference between winning and losing, are definitely trying to convey the importance of this competition to everyone. “Everyone is a great player, everyone has the winning DNA inside them and that’s why they got here.”

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