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Mendoza participates in training in Ceará;  See the condition of the athletes in the medical department - play

Mendoza participates in training in Ceará; See the condition of the athletes in the medical department – play

attacker Stephen Mendoza Participated in Ceará ready trainingthis Friday (1), in Porangabuçu CT, to face international. After a muscle injury of the second degree, which he suffered 15 days ago, the athlete was present with the group of players and is in the final transitional phase.

a Northeast notes He found that the player progressed well in the transitional period and was released for field training. With the physical response to training, Mendoza must stay out of the match with Internacional, on Saturday (2), at 19, at Arena Castellao, for the fifteenth round of the tournament. 2022 Serie A.

The work of the physical department was intense: the median expectation of recovery from injury was 30 days. Grandfather’s top scorer this year with 16 goals, Injured against Atletico MJon the fifteenth of June.

The training news was the goalkeeper Richard and steering wheel Rodrigo Lindoso, both were fired from the DM. Goalkeeper Joao Ricardodefender Lucas Ribeiroleft back Bruno Pacheco and the attacker Clipper , who have contracted the new coronavirus, got tested for Covid-19 and also trained.

Due to the health protocol introduced by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), the group is not authorized to play against Internacional. Thus, it continues with physical renewal.

out of activity

defender Louise Ottavio and sock Come He did not participate in the activity. Fina’s wife revealed on social media that the player’s absence was Due to hypothermia suffered in Beat the strongest player in Bolivia. In the regular newsletter, Ciara reported that the players were not training due to a virus.

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CESP do Ceará . Update

  • Steven Mendoza: Entered the final phase of the transition.
  • Richard and Rodrigo Lindoso: They’ve finished the move and they can act
  • Joao Ricardo, Lucas Ribeiro, Bruno Pacheco and Kleiber: He tested negative for Covid-19 and followed the CBF protocol for days of recovery to return to acting.
  • Luiz Otávio and Vina: They did not participate in the last training due to the virus.

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