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Mahsa Amini in a coma

An Iranian woman who was arrested for her immoral dress ends up in a coma at a police station

young iranian girl In coma after existence The morality police arrested him Activists said, Thursday (15/9), about the Islamic Republic in Tehran (Iran). The detainee, 22-year-old Mohassa Amini, was visiting the Iranian capital with her family when she was arrested by the special police unit. It imposes a strict dress code on womenIncluding the obligatory veil.

Her brother Kiarch told the Iran Wire news website that while he was waiting outside the police station for her release, an ambulance took her to the hospital. He said he was told that she had an illness A heart attack, a stroke, and he was in a coma.

“There was only two hours between her arrest and her transfer to the hospital.”, He said. He promised to file a criminal complaint, and added: “I have nothing to lose. I won’t let this pass without a fuss”.

A Tehran police statement confirmed that Mahsa was Reserved for “Explanations and Instructions” on the dress codeTogether with other women.

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“She suddenly suffered from a heart condition while she was with others (…) and was immediately taken to hospital in cooperation with the police and emergency services”says the official note.

It remains unclear what happened between her arrival at the police station and her departure to the hospital.

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Mahsa Amini in a coma Photo: clone

And 1500tasvir channel on social media, which talks about human rights violations by the Iranian police, posted a picture of Mahsa in the hospital with a tube in her mouth and said she was in a coma. “illness”Iranian-British actress and activist Nazanin Boniadi wrote on Twitter. “How many innocent young lives must be brutally stolen before we all rise?”he added.

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