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European Parliament downgrades Hungary to "electoral autocracy"

European Parliament downgrades Hungary to “electoral autocracy”

In the resolution, which passed by 433 votes, it was emphasized that the country ruled by Viktor Orbán could no longer be considered a full democracy.

Gabriel Boyce / Agence France-PresseVictor Urban

a European Parliament This Thursday, 15, approved by 433 votes, 123 against and 28 abstentions, a 48-page resolution calling for the ultra-conservative nationalist government. Victor Urban, responsible since 2010, for a “hybrid system of electoral tyranny”. The document also called on European institutions to “pay more attention to the systematic dismantling of the rule of law” in the country. The press service of the European Parliament stressed that “the Hungary It can no longer be considered a full democracy.” According to the decision, Hungary should not receive funds for post-pandemic recovery if it fails to comply with EU recommendations on the rule of law and court rulings. The EU has adopted a so-called conditionality mechanism, where not every country in the bloc can get Resources to restore them only if respect for the rule of law is internally checked.This reduction would be the first step for the EU if a penalty was passed two years ago, precisely because of Orbán.

In the late afternoon, the Hungarian government denounced the vote, calling it an “insult” to Hungary, according to Foreign Minister Peter Szyjjarto. “I consider the insult of the Hungarians that they question Hungary’s democratic capabilities,” the minister declared at a press conference in Budapest, expressing surprise that “some” in the European Union were “insulting” his country. In 2018, the European Parliament opened a case against Hungary “for the risk of a significant violation of European values” and blocked Budapest’s access to about 6 billion euros due to the lack of an anti-corruption guarantee in public procurement. For Orban, other countries in the bloc are more corrupt than his, but he has promised to create a new anti-corruption agency.

*With information from Agence France-Presse

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