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Allowing Brazilians to leave the Gaza Strip  world

Allowing Brazilians to leave the Gaza Strip world

Foreigners crossing the Gaza Strip border in Rafah — Photograph: Hatem Ali/AP Photo

A group of Brazilians in the Gaza Strip were allowed to leave the Strip on Friday (10). In total, there are 33 people monitored by the Brazilian Embassy in Palestine and who are part of the relationship. Brazilian Ambassador to Israel Federico Mayer confirmed the list.

The Brazilian embassy in Palestine was monitoring the situation of 34 people in the Gaza Strip, including 24 Brazilians, seven Palestinians in the immigration process and three Palestinians who had not yet begun the process.

The only person who was not included in the list is the grandmother of young Shahid Al-Banna, Jamila Awaida. The elderly woman holds Palestinian citizenship and will begin the immigration process to Brazil.

The group allowed to leave on Friday is part of a list of nearly 600 names of citizens from 15 countries, including the United States, Canada, India, China, Poland and others.

These people will cross the Gaza Strip border with Egypt through the Rafah crossing during the next few hours.

The withdrawal of people of other nationalities from the Gaza Strip is part of an agreement between Israel, Egypt and Hamas. Qatar mediated the negotiations, with coordination from the United States.

As the lists were published, Brazilians waiting for permission expressed their desperation as they waited to leave Gaza.

In the face of negative repercussions, Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira stated that the Israeli Chancellor had guaranteed the publication of the list of Brazilians’ names by Wednesday (8).

The Brazilian government offered reception with medical care, social assistance and immigration organization for the group to be repatriated.

According to Botello, anyone with connections in Brazil who wants to seek refuge in other cities will be guaranteed travel after completing the settlement of documents.

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