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Queen Elizabeth II sent a message to Brazil on Wednesday - 09/08/2022 - the world

Queen Elizabeth II sent a message to Brazil on Wednesday – 09/08/2022 – the world

One of Queen Elizabeth II’s last public messages before I die to me Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), This Wednesday (7) marks the bicentenary of independence.

“In the midst of celebrating this important occasion of the 200th anniversary of independence, I would like to congratulate Your Excellency and send my congratulations to the people of the Federative Republic of Brazil, recalling With passion from my visit to the country in 1968. I hope we continue to work with hope and determination to overcome global challenges together.”

Acting UK Ambassador to Brazil Melanie Hopkins shared the message. In the post, she asserted that the monarchy’s leader’s statement was “another symbol of Brazil’s importance to the United Kingdom”.

Elizabeth II came to Brazil on November 1, 1968. On that occasion, he landed at Guararapes Airport, in Recife, and stayed in the country for ten days. According to a report published by binding At that time, 4,000 men were deployed to protect the couple.

She landed in Brazil aboard an RAF VC-10, wearing the colors of the Brazilian flag: blue hat and green and yellow dress, described in binding It is “too solid”.

The Queen also visited Salvador, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In the capital, she said that she admires the capital. “I was particularly impressed by the idea, which has been translated into the most daring and beautiful of structures, to build a capital around the three basic powers of the state: the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary,” he said.