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After Labrador leaves, the teacher builds a world in virtual reality to “find her again.”

After Labrador leaves, the teacher builds a world in virtual reality to “find her again.”

Daniel Esparza, who lives in Guadalajara, Mexico, found a wonderful way to honor the memory of Sam, his loyal friend. Labrador Who left for heaven dog.

Thanks to Esparza’s innovative idea, communication took place between them, which lasted for approx 13 yearsThe farewell did not stop.

Sam, a Labrador retriever he described as “gentle and intelligent,” filled his owner’s life with joy, loyalty and countless memories.

But health problems arose and the final farewell approached.

“She had a brain problem because of her age,” Daniel said in an interview Dodo.

He adds:

“We were going to take one last trip to the beach during the vacation, but her health condition did not allow us to do so.”

For about seven months, Sam fell asleep and never woke up.

Although the final journey did not materialize physically, Daniel who Works professionally with virtual reality technologyHe used his skills to represent the moment.

One day, while the pet was taking a nap, the owner decided to test out his 3D scanning device Create a digital copy of it.

Surely many pet parents would do that, right?

Acting in virtual reality

Now that Sam no longer inhabits this world, he turns her hologram into something special.

In a virtual world by the sea, Esparza offered them the opportunity to do just that Share the moment at the beachwhich they never had together.

To do this, use the tool Unreal Enginewhich allows the creation of 3D content and experiences in real time.

For use in small projects, The tool is free.

Daniel regularly visits this virtual space, where Sam’s presence is tangible, even if it’s an act.

In a post on X, former Twitter, Daniel (@wolkohiski) subscriber:

“I did a 3D scan of my dog ​​Sam a few years ago. She passed away 7 months ago, and I still miss her so much. I still visit her in this beach scene that @UnrealEngine made in VR because our last trip was supposed to be a beach vacation, But her health did not allow us to leave.

The video, which was published on October 31, received more than 646.3 thousand views.

He watches:

Although a technological innovation, the virtual beach offers Daniel A A refuge to connect with Sam’s memory.

He expressed to the Dodo his gratitude to creation, saying:

“It feels like a window into the past. [Fico] “I’m happy to know that I will be able to remember it when I get older, when my memory is not at its best,” he said.

Sam will forever be alive in Daniel’s heart, as well as forever represented in this virtual space.

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