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After being eliminated from 'BBB 24', Lukas Buda talks about breaking up with Camila and flirting with Bettel: 'I felt really bad' |  Pop art

After being eliminated from 'BBB 24', Lukas Buda talks about breaking up with Camila and flirting with Bettel: 'I felt really bad' | Pop art

Lukas Buda – Photo: Reproduction

During the “Coffee with the Excluded” segment, the participant said that the feeling he had for Bettel was “friendship,” but he could not imagine Camila’s reaction outside the house.

“I didn't imagine it, but I think only she knows what I felt and how I felt. It's not up to me to judge. She has to feel the way she should, but I think we'll talk later to try to get it resolved somehow.”

“We have no idea what's going on here. It's in our heads a lot. You try to hold on to something because at the end of the day you won't have information about anything and you won't be able to solve the problem until you leave.”

Camila has gained more than 3 million followers on social media. Throughout the reality show, he made numerous statements and posts about the end of the relationship. In a video, the former BBB friend called her a “salvation” and said Buddha had “lost the love of his life.”

“I think she should do what she thinks she should do. She's a grown woman, and she has a lot of intelligence, a lot of ability, a lot of content to give. I feel like we could talk, but we stop. I also need that time to absorb the information.” ”

Lucas also commented on how he felt when he didn't receive a video of his ex-wife at Anju's lunch.

“It shook me up a lot because I hadn't seen my family for a long time. I felt really bad about it. There were many moments when I thought about giving up the game, but giving up was never an option for anyone coming in.” Where I come from.”

“I actually saw my friends being eliminated one by one. The feeling was that I would be next.”

Bettel and Lucas talking at the BBB 24 house – Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay

During a party in early March, Lucas told Bittel that attendees “made a mess” of him.

“I'll just say one thing: Bahian, you've spoiled me, I'm terrified of your colour…” she sings the song “Biana” by Emecida. Beitel then asked the participant to stop. “For real! End this conversation,” Lucas said. “He died here, and he shouldn't have been born.”

But the participant said that he did not intend to turn the conversation into a love story inside the house.

“There was no kiss. I had a great friendship with Beetle. We built that relationship based on the things we went through together, and the issues we had in common, but I always tried to maintain respect when it came to contact with her.” So much so that our relationship begins with game strategy.”

“I really came in with a vision of playing BBB […] When you know people inside who will reach out to you, it makes it easier. “It was like that with Bethel, it was like that with Lady, it was like that with Yasmine.”

According to the former BBB, participating in the reality show brought “very mixed feelings.”

“At this point, it's been over 70 days since the game started, so you really miss a lot of things you thought you'd never miss. There's a lot of confusing emotions and things feel bigger than they really are, but there's never been a possibility of moving on from what happened.” ”

“During this period, joint ownership issues between the inheritance parties cease[…] For this reason, any gains she may have made during this period she can ask to be kept for her alone, but that is up to the judge to decide.”