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How to increase card limit up to R,000 in minutes

How to increase card limit up to R$5,000 in minutes

Nubank wants to make life easier for customers who can’t afford it Card limit increase of credit, either because they have a bad name, a low score, or have a limited financial history. For this, the digital bank announced a new function in its application.

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With this option, anyone with a card from a financial institution can earn up to R$5,000 in just a few minutes. Find out how this new feature works below.

Increase the limit manually

Nubank’s user portfolio is quite diverse, which is why the bank must always be up to date with new premium solutions, products and services. For those who cannot increase the card limit, the solution is to allow the customer to provide some type of payment guarantee.

It is very easy to use the resource: you just need to deposit the required amount into your digital account, keep the maximum amount and use it as you wish for credit card purchases. After closing the invoice, you only need to push the document to release the amount.

After the debt is paid off, the reserved amount is released again to be used as a maximum or can be transferred back to the digital account. Remember that it is possible to pay the bill with the reserved balance, but in this case the user again has no limit.

How to build a limit

Increasing your free margin on your credit card up to R$ 5,000 is very simple, see how:

  • access to the Nubank app;
  • choose the desired value;
  • make a deposit to the digital account;
  • In the list of cards, press the “Reserve maximum value” option and confirm;
  • use the value in your purchases;
  • Pay the bill and release the limit again.
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Do you pay to use?

Nubank states on its blog that the purpose of the feature is to get to know the consumer better so that in the future they can offer a pre-approved limit. “The goal is specifically to get to know you better and understand how you regulate yourself so that you can limit yourself in the future,” he says.

Thus, the function of limit reservation is worthwhile for customers who want to develop a relationship with the bank and show that they are good payers, thus increasing their chances of obtaining a pre-approved limit.