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A wife runs a campaign to pay for treatment for her husband, who is bravely fighting cancer

A wife runs a campaign to pay for treatment for her husband, who is bravely fighting cancer

A family from the city of Vasanti is going through a very complicated period and really needs the help of all residents. Jonathan Pereira, 29 years old, discovered tongue cancer some time ago and has been going through very difficult situations ever since. He has already lost his entire tongue and part of his jaw and neck and now needs the public’s help to pay for treatment.

According to his wife, Helen Rocha, in April 2022, her husband noticed a wound on the left side of his tongue, and at first they thought it was just a cold sore. As time passed, the wound did not disappear, and he began to suffer from severe headaches. “We went to the doctor and after a biopsy, he was diagnosed with mouth cancer,” Helen said.

The situation became more serious when they discovered that the treatment could not be performed in Patos de Minas as the city had no doctors specializing in this type of tumor. That’s when Jonathan needed to go to Uberlandia. First, he removed part of the tongue. It was hoped that there would be no focus of the disease. However, she has come back more aggressive. Jonathan had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He received news of his recovery, but months later the disease returned again.

This time the couple sought care in São Paulo and underwent two operations in less than a month. The affected part of the neck, the entire tongue and a bony part of the chin had to be removed. However, the cancer returned and doctors decided to treat him with chemotherapy and immunotherapy. He has two daughters under the age of 10 and chose treatment at Uberlandia. “He needed to have a catheter inserted and during the procedure he went into cardiac arrest and needed to be intubated.

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A few days ago, Jonathan was discharged from the hospital and returned home, where he awaits further measures to combat the disease. According to Helen, they have not yet been able to enter the National Institute of Social Security and are relying on the help of friends and family to cover the costs of treatment and the expenses of the couple’s daughters.

Anyone who can help in any way can contact Hellen at 34 99217-5481. Anyone wishing to contribute images can deposit them using the following key: CPF: 122.151.336-27.