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Meghan Trainor volta ao Top 10 do chart britânico depois de 6 anos

Meghan Trainor returns to the top 10 of the UK chart after 6 years

the most recent Not connected by Meghan Trainor,made you lookIt has entered the Top 10 of the UK’s Official Music Chart, according to updates released on Friday (11). The song has climbed six places since the last update, taking the eighth position. This is the first time the singer has reached the top ten in the UK. united since song “The lips are movingSix years ago, at the height of his album.nickname🇧🇷 Despite this, Meghan Trainor was ranked #1 in the Schedule With his partnership with Charlie Puth in the song “Marvin Gay🇧🇷

“Made You Look” returns to the doo-wop style, with vocals inspired by 🇧🇷Rhythm and Blues”, which the singer used at the beginning of her career, according to an interview with Official charts, I started using it again thanks to the short video platform TikTok. 🇧🇷Do they like this thing? what?! Then a songwriter came up one day and told me that an artist they were working with wanted to do “the voice of Meghan Trainor.”revealed the artist.

Official music video for “made you look(YouTube)

Meghan Trainor was a pop music icon between 2014 and 2016 and released songs like “In the🇧🇷It’s all about this bass🇧🇷Like I’m going to lose you” And the “The lips are moving🇧🇷 The fun beat, colorful music videos, and the theme of women’s empowerment helped attract the audience. Since 2016, the singer has had difficulties charting on the music charts. The song “All About That Bass” reached the top of the charts in 58 countries and became one of the most popular songs in the world singles The best seller in history. the new He hits 🇧🇷made you lookHe appears to be returning with the initial features of his early career.

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In an interview with Rolling StoneThe singer commented on the album’s creative process, “nickname‘, saying he stopped writing songs he thought people wanted to hear, or for the radio, and focused on creating songs that reflected his feelings.

Featured image: Meghan Trainor is back in the top 10 of the Official UK Music Chart/Playback/Instagram