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A scientist raises controversy about living on the moon: "It's still in this decade"

A scientist raises controversy about living on the moon: “It’s still in this decade”

With so many problems involved in caring for the planet, it is the desire of many, whether ordinary citizens or those working in science, to one day live on another planet.

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Making human presence and coexistence on the Moon before things get worse on our planet is well studied. An example of this is the launched rockets and the lunar targets behind them. In the latter cases, it is believed that the process will not take as long as it seems.

The interview shows enthusiasm for the subject

The possibility of habitation on the moon is a reality, said Howard Hu, a high-ranking agency official and the leader behind the Orion space program — a spacecraft project built to carry astronauts to the Moon and Mars — that is a reality. The speech came in an interview with BBC News, from United State🇧🇷

The Artemis mission is a step ahead of inhabiting the moon

The Artemis I rocket was launched last November 16 carrying the Orion spacecraft. The rocket is attached to the Artemis mission, which aims to return astronauts to the moon.

Satellite-oriented ships are sent without a human crew, as is the case with the Orion spacecraft. To simulate the potential harm that might befall humans, a dummy was taken.

The expectation is that if the Artemis I flight is successful, the next launch will indeed involve humans.

When will that be possible?

Looking at the progress in SciencesThere’s still no idea when the time will be right for us, people who aren’t connected to private agencies, to jump on the moon. However, the world is believed to be possible in this decade.

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