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A new feature to put a lock on an individual chat will be released!

A new feature to put a lock on an individual chat will be released!

WhatsApp is always looking for innovations to ensure the security and privacy of its users’ messages. Now, the new update promises to provide unprecedented control over the privacy of individual conversations. Get ready to discover a feature that will allow you to put a virtual lock on your most important conversations.

How the new feature works

According to the site WABetaInfoWhatsApp is preparing a new way to keep your conversations safe. Previously, it was possible to use your fingerprint or PIN to protect the entire application. Now, with this update, it will be possible to choose specific conversations to protect with an additional password.

This means that Even if someone takes your unlocked phone, they won’t be able to read your WhatsApp messages without the secret password. This new feature will provide peace of mind for those who want to protect their most private conversations and ensure that their information remains truly private.

The importance of security in conversations

Nowadays, it is necessary to take more care Conversation security. Many people with bad intentions are constantly trying to invade our personal information on the Internet. Companies even pay big sums to anyone who can find security vulnerabilities in apps like WhatsApp.

That’s why this update is so important. Each user will be allowed to choose a different password for each conversation, further protecting personal and important information. This way, your messages will be safe even if someone gains access to your unlocked cell phone.

Long awaited post

The idea of ​​putting a password on conversations is nothing new. In May 2023, WhatsApp already demonstrated a similar function, which allowed private conversations to be saved in a separate location, and could only be accessed using a PIN, swipe pattern on the screen, or using a fingerprint.

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The company responsible for WhatsAppMeta stated that this function was developed to help those who need to share their mobile phones with other people from time to time. With this function, you can rest assured when someone picks up your cell phone immediately after a message arrives that you don’t want them to see.

Availability of a new function

Currently, the password feature in chats is only being tested in some versions WhatsApp For Android users. It’s not working perfectly yet, but it is expected that this new feature will soon be available to more users in a future update of the app.

Moreover, there are rumors that WhatsApp It will also bring another new feature: the ability to confirm the account via email. This shows that the application takes the security and privacy of its users’ conversations seriously.

Stay tuned for updates

In short, it’s encouraging to know that WhatsApp is constantly looking for ways to keep our messages safe. The new update that will allow you to place a virtual lock on individual conversations provides unprecedented control over the privacy of messages.

We are all interested to know how this functionality will work in practice and how it will be received by users. After all, being able to protect our most important conversations is a huge advantage these days.

Remember to stay tuned for updates on WhatsApp And make the most of features aimed at keeping your personal information and private conversations properly protected.