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How do you know if a person has deactivated WhatsApp?  See hints to find out |  social networks

How do you know if a person has deactivated WhatsApp? See hints to find out | social networks

disable The WhatsApp It is possible in a simple way: just uninstall a program from cell phone Android e Iphone (iOS). This way, users stop receiving and sending messages, but unlike when someone deletes their WhatsApp account, the usage data and conversation history are still saved in the messenger and can be recovered if they use the app again.

In the list below, the TechAll It gives some useful tips to determine if any contact has disabled WhatsApp. See also the differences between deleting and disabling a WhatsApp account.

How do you know if a person has deleted a WhatsApp number? The list contains four tips – Photo: Anna Keelen Paul / TechTudo

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How to disable WhatsApp?

Deactivating and deleting a WhatsApp account are two different procedures. By disabling the messenger, the user simply uninstalls the mobile application – which can be useful for those who want to stay away from the application while keeping their message history. In this case, the account on the messenger remains registered, but it is not possible to receive and send messages or make calls. By installing the application again, you can restore the messages and media exchanged by the platform without much problems.

On the other hand, when you delete a WhatsApp account, the entire conversation history of the platform is automatically deleted, as well as all the backups saved in the cloud. The user is also removed from the groups in which he participates, and the action cannot be undone – that is, if the user regrets it, he must create a new account in the application.

Uninstalling the app disables the WhatsApp account, but saves data – Photo: Rubens Achilles / TechTudo

It is worth noting that if the user chooses to disable the messenger and uninstall the phone app, they should also be aware of the downtime of the WhatsApp application. As a security measure, the app can clear account information that has been inactive for more than 45 days and accessed on other devices. The company explains that this is done to avoid potential confusion that can arise from number recycling, which is common with phone companies.

How do you know if a person has deactivated WhatsApp?

Some evidence may be enough to determine if a person has deleted or disabled their personal WhatsApp account. under the TechAll Explains them all.

When you send a message on WhatsApp, it is possible to know when the message was delivered, received and read by the “tags” that appear in the chat. This can serve as a tip to see if the person has deactivated the account because when the app is uninstalled, messages can no longer be received or viewed, even though the number is available on WhatsApp.

If a gray tick appears in your message and you do not get a reply, it may mean that the contact is no longer using WhatsApp because the text did not reach the recipient. However, it should be noted that this can also be an indication that the person has blocked you, or that they do not have an Internet connection at the moment.

When a contact deactivates WhatsApp, messages do not arrive – Photo: Anna Kellen Bull / TechTudo

2. The profile picture is still visible

A contact’s profile picture is no longer visible when they delete their account from the messenger, because all their data eventually ends up being deleted. If WhatsApp is deactivated, the profile picture remains available to the contacts.

Remember that this also depends on Privacy settings. If the user has set WhatsApp to prevent anyone or people outside the contact list from seeing the profile picture, then the default WhatsApp picture will appear.

Disabling WhatsApp does not delete the account, so the image remains visible for privacy – Photo: Ana Marques / TechTudo

3. The last old visa

Another tip to find out if a contact has deactivated WhatsApp is to check their last visa. Although the status can be hidden in the messenger settings, it will still be visible if it was activated before the contact uninstalled the app. Thus, if the last visa was outdated, it is possible that the contact uninstalled the mobile application.

WhastApp’s ‘last seen’ icon may indicate that the account has been deactivated – Photo: Luciana Maline/TechTudo

4. Communicate with the person

If the above tips are not enough to know whether or not a contact has deactivated WhatsApp, you can still search for them through other messaging apps – like cable, For example. The competing messaging app of WhatsApp recognizes when contacts saved on a cell phone start using Telegram, and then sends notifications via the app. Another alternative to verify that a contact is still using the same number is to send an SMS.

It is also possible to contact the user via Telegram – Photo: Anna Kellen Bull / TechTudo

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