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A recent CS2 update made the jump shot inconsistent;  Critical Society |  Draft5

A recent CS2 update made the jump shot inconsistent; Critical Society | Draft5

In an update last Tuesday (17), it was done valve Made a small change, but it directly affects the competitive scenario of Counter Strike 2. The developer changed the “alias” commands, which now take into account information according to the hash rate, and provoked a huge revolt from professional players.

The “alias” commands have been used by professionals to improve the move, but mainly to connect a jump shot. In CS2, the jump value was inconsistent, and could be higher or lower for each grenade the player threw, but the “alias” jump throw command corrected this and all jumps had the same height, making hits more consistent.

This change had a negative impact on players from major organizations in the world. “Jonathan”EligJablonowski was one of the most vocal people on social media to express his dissatisfaction with Valve.

There is no negativity, but why remove something to ruin everyone’s gaming experience? With Alias, we had consistent movement after each tick, and now it is recorded in a range of 1 to 20 ticks, which is worse for everyone. If there was a correct solution to the problem that made everyone happy, I would certainly understand fixing the crutch. But there is no solution, it is very easy to check if the movements and jumps are inconsistent.

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“This latest update is starting to raise some eyebrows,” Russell said. “I’ll remain optimistic and say it will be fixed in the next update.”Twists“Van Dulken.