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Foto colorida de Kiely Rodni

A group of YouTubers have found the body of a missing girl

Collection purposeful adventures channel on youtubeHe allegedly found the car and body of Kelly Rodney, a 16-year-old girl who disappeared on August 6 and caused a lot of unrest in the United States. Content producers are very successful on the Google platform with the goal of helping solve similar issues to young women.

Divers, friends searched a dam in a park in Truckee, California, where Kelly was last seen. At the scene, the group found the 2013 Honda CRV, the car the young woman was driving at the time of her disappearance. Inside the car, they were going to find the body of the girl who was trapped inside the car.

We found Kiely Rodni! Her car was overturned just 14 feet out of the water. We confirmed that Kelly was in [do veículo]. “The family has been notified,” the team said on the channel’s official Facebook page. The young woman was at a graduation party with about 100 people.

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YouTubers contacted the authorities and the victim’s family to report what they found. The sheriff of Placer County, California, and state highway patrols, as well as Truckee City Police, attended the scene and watched the vehicle being pulled from the embankment. So far, coroner has not yet confirmed that the body is Kelly Rodney’s.

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One of the group’s members, Doug Bishop, said they entered the case after contacting an agency that sought to step up the search for the young woman. For security reasons, unfortunately I cannot disclose the names of the agencies we serve. So please respect that because we respect the wishes of these agencies. Also consider the fact that this is different from what we usually do as well. “We don’t specialize in open cans, we specialize in cold cases,” said the content producer.