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After nearly two years, Silvio Santos is back in recording programs on SBT – Prisma

Finally, on Friday, Silvio Santos returned to recording at SBT Studios in São Paulo. It started with the movie “Rawdah Kindergarten” and was greeted with applause by the housekeepers.

In the past few weeks, the director and animator have booked the studio several times, but always canceled at the last minute.

But today everything is fine.

This is the first time in 19 months that the SS has appeared at their broadcaster’s headquarters.

The presenter has been away from programs since December 2019, when he went on vacation in the United States.

Upon returning to Brazil, due to the epidemic, he isolated himself at home.

However, it was still news, when it appeared that he had received two doses of the vaccine.

She drew attention to fashion, pajamas, and even gave interviews.

With the return of Silvio, SBT will definitely be another one from now on.

On one of the social networks, daughter Patricia celebrated her father’s return to work.
“Excited, friendly, and talkative, back at SBT Studios!! Joy is contagious!! Health and long life to our dad!! #SilvioVoltou,” she wrote.

Silvio’s presence at SBT moved its staff. Some even couldn’t hold back their tears.

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