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Agatha Moreira is accused of "stealing" Anne Hathaway's performance in "Batalha do Lip Sync".  The actress performed Miley Cyrus' song

Agatha Moreira is accused of “stealing” Anne Hathaway’s performance in “Batalha do Lip Sync”. The actress performed Miley Cyrus’ song


In the North American version of the painting, Anne Hathaway gave exactly the same presentation as Agatha Moreira in “Domingão”

Agatha Moreira on stage in Domingão, voiced by Miley Cyrus
© Reproduction / GlobeAgatha Moreira on stage in Domingão, voiced by Miley Cyrus

In the second week of “Battle of Lip Sync” the “Domingão com Huck” frame, Agatha Moreira and Renner Cadet faced each other on stage led by Luciano Hack And she enjoyed the audience and the audience who did not fail to comment on the attractiveness on social networks. A large part of viewers had noticed the great coincidence of Agatha’s performance with the North American version of Gravity.

The Brazilian actress sang “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. According to netizens, Agatha mimics a view The same song that Anne Hathaway performed in the American version.

“Agatha Moreira plays Anne Hathaway in the Battle of Leap Sync, not Miley,” one of them said, citing the American rendering on which the painting is based. “The Agatha Moreira Show reminded me of Anne Hathaway’s presentation of it all,” another praised. A third protested: “All I can see is the shameless version of Anne Hathaway. No manners, really.”

The second week of the frame

distance An unforgettable debut for Paolo Vieira and Leticia ColinThe “Battle of Lip Sync” level is right there. And this Sunday, 21, who are up for the challenge are a few million: Agatha Moreira and Rainer Cadet.

Luciano Hack greeted actors and friends on stage and faced each other in duels, a “warm-up” and a show worthy of Broadway. In the box, Eduardo Stirblich followed up on the feud and commented on the performances.

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