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A fire at an airport near London halts all flights – Prisma

A fire at an airport near London halts all flights – Prisma

A fire has broken out in Luton Airport car park
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A massive fire in the car park of Luton Airport, 50 kilometers from London, led the UK Aviation Authority to suspend all flights.

Flames were seen destroying cars parked on the top floor of the Terminal 2 parking lot.

The fire spread to several floors in the parking lot. A video clip shows firefighters arriving at the scene.

The ambulance service was called, but no casualties have been reported so far.

Vehicle alarms and loud explosions were heard, and one witness said the speed with which the fire reached the parking lot was “unbelievable,” according to Sky News.

Luton Airport, near London, said on Twitter: “All flights are currently suspended while emergency services respond to a fire in Terminal 2. Access to the airport is currently restricted and we are asking people not to go to the airport just yet.”

Russell Taylor, 41, an account manager at Kinross in Scotland, saw the flames after traveling from Edinburgh to Luton Airport. He said: “There were some fire engines with a burning car on the top level of the car park shortly after 9pm. A few minutes later, most of the upper floor was engulfed in flames, and car alarms blared with loud explosions from the burning vehicles.

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