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Peru's president claims his Rolex collection is borrowed

Peru's president claims his Rolex collection is borrowed

Rolex friend

Regarding different Rolex watchesThey are all owned by the president's friend, the governor of the southern Ayacucho region, Wilfredo Oscurima. “I must admit that it was a mistake to accept loans that have already been returned,” Dina Bolwarti said. According to the president, the governor wanted her to “represent the country well” through the loaned watches.

Dina Bolwarti did not explain why her governor friend said this week that one of the Rolex watches did not belong to the president, but rather to one of his relatives.

The Public Prosecution is working on the hypothesis of corruption and money laundering. Investigates the “friendly relationship” between conservatives who allegedly bought the president's Rolex watches in exchange for political favors.

The governor of Ayacucho, Wilfredo Oscorima, bought a $19,000 watch on the president's birthday, on May 31 last year, and hours later, the governor went to the presidential residence. In March, the governor received a transfer of US$27 million to build a stadium.

On Thursday (4), Oscurima admitted that he had bought the watch, but said that he had given it to one of his relatives. Peruvian Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen said it was all an “unfortunate coincidence.”

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