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A Buckingham Palace cleaning job pays up to R$143,000 annually

A Buckingham Palace cleaning job pays up to R$143,000 annually

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Some job opportunities are open to working on British royal family properties. Someone is looking for someone to work with the cleaning team at Buckingham Palace, an important requirement is attention to detail.

Work 20 or 40 hours a week, from Monday to Sunday, and the annual salary ranges from 11.3 thousand euros to 22,600 euros (71.5 thousand riyals to 143 thousand riyals at the current rate).

To apply, you must be a British citizen or have the legal right to work in the UK. Applications are due until October 20 through www.theroyalhousehold.tal.net.

According to the job description, the person selected will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining “a variety of interiors and items, ensuring that they are presented in the best possible way.”

The home of Queen Elizabeth II covers an area of ​​77,000 square meters and has more than 770 rooms. To deal with all this, only with a really great team. The announcement stated that the new member will learn from others all the skills necessary to take care of spaces and details to reach the desired “high level”.

Work can extend to weekends, night shifts, and on occasion, a professional will provide support at events. The ad states, “In an environment where development and training is commonplace, you will be able to develop your skills within your role.”

In terms of job requirements, having prior experience is welcome, however, the most important thing is to be attentive to detail, be proactive and know how to manage your time well. “You will be able to prioritize and manage your busy daily workload,” he says.

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Even with intense activities, the job description states that there is flexibility and that this is an “opportunity to use your enthusiasm and passion to deliver exceptional.”

Nine other job opportunities are available on the Royal Family website as Systems Analyst, Marketing Manager and Office Assistant. Interested parties can also apply via theroyalhousehold.tal.net.