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Hooters retracts controversial decision on female staff uniforms

restaurant chain trumpets Retracted a controversial decision: that Also cut back on the shorts for the waitresses who work in the brand’s stores. After criticism from employees themselves about the new outfit, the company told Business Insider in a note that “as its mission to update the Hooters Girls image progresses, They have the option to choose between a traditional or a new outfit.“.

And according to the memo that was also sent to Business Insider, the company decided to make a decision to open up the possibility of choosing as to what fits their “body shape and profile.”

TikTok video shows the size of the new uniform

TikTok video shows the size of the new uniform (Gracie Herrick/TikTok/Publishing)

It’s worth noting that Hooters has always had the stereotype of being a network focused on bringing in women in sexy clothes (knowing, in large part, that it would help attract male clients), but has recently had financial problems to keep going. In 2019, the chain ended its activities in Brazil, as part of the global reduction in the number of branded restaurants. If in 2000 there were almost 400 restaurants, then in 2011 this figure was already reduced by almost 25%, and in 2016, another 7% of the units were closed.

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“As part of the network’s atmosphere and Hooters girls-related entertainment, the network attracts a more masculine, more sexist audience.” According to Fernando Cardoso, Food Sector Consultant at AGR Consultores, this picture is limiting the company’s growth,