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A black box from a ship that crashed into a bridge in Baltimore, USA has been recovered

A black box from a ship that crashed into a bridge in Baltimore, USA has been recovered

Bridge collapses after ship collision in Baltimore, USA

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BALTIMORE, USA — After gathering data logs and interviewing key witnesses, federal investigators late Wednesday said they believe they have gathered what they're about. The catastrophic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimoreto us to usDivers continued to search for the bodies of the six workers who fell into the river.

On Tuesday evening the 26th, the National Transportation Safety Board retrieved the data from the vessel's voyage data log and the records were taken. Washington For analysis, Jennifer Hemendi, head of the US National Transportation Safety Board, told CNN this Wednesday, 27

“We now have a data log, which is essentially a 'black box.' We sent it to our lab to evaluate and begin to develop a timeline of events that led to the bridge collision,” explained Hemendi, who believes. Investigators should have information from the black box this Wednesday.

Guatemala's foreign ministry confirmed that two of the dead were Guatemalans: a 26-year-old man from San Luis and a 35-year-old man from Camotán, without releasing the immigrants' names.

A nonprofit that provides services to the immigrant community in Baltimore identified another as Miguel Luna, a 40-year-old Salvadoran father of three.

A spokesman for the Mexican embassy told EFE on Wednesday that the victims were from Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, but did not specify the exact number or give details of their identities./ with NYT and EFE.

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