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A 3,200 square meter sports center to be built in Atlanta

Atlanta will soon be hosting one of the world’s largest sports centers. Skillshot Media revealed this week that it will build more than 3,200 square meters of space dedicated to esports, which will contain spaces aimed at training people from the North American city area, classrooms and an event area.

According to Skillshot, the company’s goal is to transform the space “into Atlanta’s premier venue for sporting events.” The company also revealed that the sports center will accommodate 300 to 400 players in face-to-face events, but it did not announce when the complex will open to the public.

Projects like Skillshot are becoming more and more popular all over the world. at recent days , My star has also been revealed which will have its own sports and leisure center in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hangzhou, China, It has a city entirely dedicated to esports With many complexes focusing on the area.

(Photo: Skillshot Media)

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