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Do you know what Interlingua is?  Discover and communicate better!

Do you know what Interlingua is? Discover and communicate better!

Who has not traveled or visited tourist attractions before and seen how difficult it is to communicate with people who speak another language? This can be very repetitive, especially when you don’t know how to speak well while you’re learning.

But did you know that Interlingua exists? It is an auxiliary language that can help us communicate anywhere, the idea being to facilitate understanding between people who speak different languages. And all this using two vocabulary with the same word base: Latin and Greek.

Learn more about Interlingua now and see how it can help you when you travel to places where you don’t know how to speak the language. Or also with people whose language you do not understand, but want to help.

What is interlingua?

To help with this task, Interlingua creates a new language of sorts using words taken from seven different languages: Italian, French, English, German, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The interesting thing is that Spanish and Portuguese are treated as one language, because there are so many similarities between them.

For a word to be considered part of the interlanguage, it must have spelling and phonetic similarities in at least three of the languages ​​listed. So, that way you have a larger base to make that auxiliary language happen.

A video posted on TikTok shows how easy it is to learn this language, which is very interesting and can be a great lifesaver when traveling to other countries. paying off:


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♬ She shares the story (for vlog) – 山口 夕 依

According to information from the World Federation of Interlingua (UMI), most words have a Greek or Latin origin. Therefore, Interlingua uses standardized prototypes to build a Latin language that is more modern and easy to understand in many places.

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The idea is that it will be adopted, but not as the language of a particular place. It is to create integration around the world and to allow new cultures to understand each other in a more practical and simple way through a language created to bring these nations together.

Have you heard of Interlingua before? Did you find the idea interesting?