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79-year-old inventor from Cascavelle introduces the world to the “Hydroventricular Triple” |  CGN

79-year-old inventor from Cascavelle introduces the world to the “Hydroventricular Triple” | CGN

Armando Horikawa, a 79-year-old Cascavel resident, has revolutionized the world of mobility with his latest invention: the “triple hydroventricle.” After nearly two decades of hard work and dedication, Horikawa finally presented his unique creation to the world, which combines the function of a tricycle with the ability to move around on land and water.

The “triple water ventricle” has an innovative design that allows it to move smoothly on any surface, whether asphalt or water. During extensive ground tests, the car showed that it was highly efficient and promising, but the real challenge was testing its water capabilities.

To ensure the safety and success of the tests in the water, Horikawa requested the release and supervision of the fire department. With all preparations organised, the test was carried out in the municipal lake of Cascavel. Despite some minor setbacks to the engine during testing, the result was very positive, as the “Aquatic Triventricle” demonstrated its ability to sail without problems.

The inventor spoke to the CGN Reports team and provided details about the process of creating the car.

Armando Horikawa, in addition to being a talented inventor, is also known in the community as a respected judo teacher, being the founder of the first judo academy in Cascavel. His passion for creativity goes beyond the Water Ventricle, as he has many other inventions in his portfolio.

With the success of the “Water Triceps” test, Armando Horikawa proves once again that age is just a number and that creativity and innovation have no limits.