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SXSW 2024 – In a world dominated by artificial intelligence, problem solving will be our greatest competency • B9

SXSW 2024 – In a world dominated by artificial intelligence, problem solving will be our greatest competency • B9

In table tennis at the end of the interview Ryan Patel from Claremont Graduate University With the Lisa SueCEO of Oh, my GodA simple, vital piece of advice emerged: Education, at its core, is learning to think and solve problems.

I always give the same advice to young people: the essence of education is learning to think critically and solve problems. This remains constant whether it was 30 years ago, whether in the present or what awaits us in 30 years. Technologies evolve, but the ability to solve problems is timeless and essential to remarkable achievements.

This insight, particularly relevant amid many discussions about artificial intelligence, leads us to think about how important the ability to search for new solutions is in a time of accelerating innovation.

When we look at progress in Amnesty InternationalFrom self-driving cars to advanced medical diagnostic systems, it is clear that we are facing a technological revolution. However, this revolution brings with it complex questions about ethics, privacy, and social impact, which require sharp critical thinking and creative solutions, just as… Lisa Sue She suggests.

Challenge for professionals Amnesty International It is to develop technologies that are not only innovative, but also take into account the implications of their applications for society. This balance between technological progress and social responsibility highlights the importance of an education that prepares individuals not only technically, but fundamentally as critical and responsible thinkers.

Going forward, we can believe that interdisciplinarity will have invaluable value in contemporary education. Complex problems often require solutions that cross traditional boundaries between disciplines, reinforcing the importance of education that encourages curiosity and exploration of different areas of knowledge.

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Given these ideas, the role of teachers will remain crucial. They are responsible for inspiring the next generation of problem solvers, preparing them to tackle and shape the future of society. Amnesty International And other emerging technologies with responsibility, creativity and effectiveness.

Call Lisa Sue It resonates as a call to action for all of us, reinforcing the idea that no matter what technological changes, the ability to think critically and solve problems will always be the foundation for progress and innovation. So, may we embrace this advice on our ongoing journey of adaptation, preparing ourselves not only for today's world, but also for tomorrow's uncertainties.