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At age 50, a woman with a disability was approved in UFPI: "It was a big dream" |  Piawi

At age 50, a woman with a disability was approved in UFPI: “It was a big dream” | Piawi

The difficulties faced by Joanna Pereira Ville did not prevent her from taking a political science course at Piauí Federal University (UFPI). At age 50 and with a physical disability caused by a traffic accident, Piawi won the place in the educational institution and also celebrated the traditional Marchenhas voice.

“When I saw the result, I thought it was“ fake, ”the system failed. It was a big dream. My mother was always singing,“ Put the cylinder, you can fire a missile, I passed the entrance exam. ”And now I passed the federation. Joanna said.

Joanna had an accident in 2002. She was returning home, in rural Altus, with her son and nephew on a motorbike, when they were run over by a car traveling at high speed when overtaking.

The woman suffered fractures in one of her legs and was referred to Getúlio Vargas Hospital (HGV). After being discharged from the hospital, Joanna underwent a long rehab and returned to her work and routine studies.

“I took books, studied at home and went to take exams. I got injured, got pregnant and had to stop studying for a while. When I got back, I was able to finish elementary school and start high school, as I was two in one. It was a lot of sacrifices, but everything went well. Is fine, “he remembers.

At the age of 50, Joanna is approved at the Federal University of Piauí – Photo: Personal Archive

Joana has already demonstrated in Biological Sciences (2014) and Environmental Management (2017), at the Federal Institute of Piauí (IFPI) – Photo: Personal Archive

In 2013, Joanna continued her studies and completed her high school studies using the National High School Examination (Enem) score. In the following years, it was approved in Biological Sciences in 2014 and Environmental Management in 2017, and both approvals are at the Federal Institute of Piauí (IFPI). But she did not attend because the course hours coincided with the working hours.

“I never left myself even with so many fights. I passed, but unfortunately I couldn’t come because my priority at that time was my job that I was relying on to survive. I had to choose,” he said.

The approval of the UFPI Political Science course came at a time of mourning for Joanna. In January 2020, she lost her father, Manuel da Costa Lima, 96, to cancer.

“My father passed away from lung cancer in my arms. He was the strongest man I have met in my life. Now I gained the joy of approval,” said Joanna.

It has also been approved to tackle Covid-19

A stewardess in the office was infected with Covid-19 twice in 2020. With 70% of her lungs infected, Joanna was hospitalized for eight days at a hospital in Altus and then another six days at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases Natan Portela in Teresina.

Naftali Nascimento *, intern under Laura Moura.

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