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50 FANTASTIC YEARS: Remember boards like “Medida Certa” and “Detetive Virtual”, and check out Eva Byte v2.3 |  fiftieth anniversary

50 FANTASTIC YEARS: Remember boards like “Medida Certa” and “Detetive Virtual”, and check out Eva Byte v2.3 | fiftieth anniversary

50 FANTASTIC YEARS: Remember boards like “Medida Certa” and “Detetive Virtual”, Meet Eva Byte v2.3

Our journey through the history of Show da Vida this Sunday (27) reaches into the new millennium and shows how technology has changed the way the program is set. With each episode of the documentary reviewing the five decades amazing, A sense of nostalgia awakens in different generations. This Sunday (27) is the time to remember the most important thing that happened in life show Between 2003 and 2013.

In the penultimate part of the special material on the 50th anniversary of the programme, successful tires will be remembered, such as the Medida Certa, where Zeca Camargo and Renata Ceribelli faced the challenge of reaching the weight stipulated at the start of the project; and the virtual detective, which checks whether facts appearing on the Internet are real.

Speaking of virtualization, mention EvaByte, the first computer graphics broadcaster in its history amazing? In 2004, when it was presented by Gloria Maria and Zica Camargo, it surprised the public. The name was chosen at that time by popular vote out of five options.

The default presenter has been redesigned. Through artificial intelligence, the Arte da Globo team has recreated a 2.3 version of Eva, who gave testimony for this documentary.

“Oh, I miss you! I dressed up as a samba dancer, I was underwater, I did acrobatics in the circus, I wore a thousand different clothes… They say AI has no emotion, “but time travel spoiled me,” says the virtual presenter.

“We started shooting these interviews in a rather modest way. I had no idea it was still a documentary,” says MV Bell.

“I think it was the first big interview I did on television, like national television,” recalls the singer who was interviewed by Gloria Maria. “I was so hypnotized, I wanted to hold her hand and talk.”

Watch the documentary in the video above.

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