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5 tips you don't know

5 tips you don't know

a it is in, a Chinese e-commerce company, is one of the world's most popular companies selling clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty products. Founded in 2008 and serving clients all over the planet. If you love shopping on Shein, learn 5 tips to avoid being taxed.

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The company is distinguished by its low prices and variety of products. So much so that its current value amounts to 15 billion US dollars. Despite all this popularity, some Brazilians are concerned about… Taxes on productsWhich may make the value of purchases higher than expected.

Learn how to buy from Shein without being taxed

Customs fees are common and can be heavy on customers' pockets. Therefore, many people are looking for ways to purchase products on Shein, without the risk of taxes. Taxes on international products, especially those over US$50, are determined by Law No. 3244/1957.

Brazil is among Shein's largest clients. An average of 500 thousand shipments per day. But, ultimately, how do you reduce the chance of being taxed? It's simpler than you think and the tips are:

1. Limit your purchases to $50: Customers who participate in the Conform Remittance program receive a 60% remittance on merchandise in this range, with ICMS charging only a 17% duty. In addition, the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service exempts international purchases up to $50 from taxes.

If your purchase exceeds this value, you will pay import taxes that may amount to 60% of the product value.

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2. Choose smaller items: Minors are targeted less often for inspections and this can be an interesting strategy when purchasing.

3. Divide your purchases: Divide items into different shopping carts, keeping each transaction under $50.

4. Take advantage of special appointments: On Black Friday and Christmas, for example, you are less likely to be taxed due to the amount of purchases during that period.

5. Order discreet packaging: It's a strategy used by many. They ask suppliers for simpler packaging, which attracts less inspection attention.

Remember, if you are charged tax and do not pay after the mailed notice, your product will be “held” and then returned to Shein. You can still open a ticket on the company's website and request a 50% refund.