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Hyundai Crete 2022 launching soon; What has changed?

The Russian version of the Hyundai SUV should inspire the look of the Brazilian model | Photo: Disclosure / Hyundai

In just under two months, the Hyundai Creta 2022, scheduled for this year, will be launched. A lot of things beyond design have undergone major changes. While the version does not come out, the . file 360 . Grajim It brought the main modifications of the SUV.

The Hyundai Crete 2022 is scheduled to launch in September;  What has changed?
The launch design is still interesting. Photo: Hyundai / Disclosure

Hyundai Crete 2022 launched

as posted by 360 . GrajimThe new Crete is more of a full-generation upgrade than simple changes to a newer model.

Hyundai SUVs will acquire a more expensive design than previous versions, and its Brazilian version will have a different peculiarity from other countries.

Photo: Hyundai / Disclosure

Spotted in São Paulo without camouflage, the new model is very similar to the Russian version, but has its own characteristics, as it also differs from the Chinese and Indian versions. The Brazilian version has shock absorbers with a gray triangle, as well as a larger air intake.

The Creta New Generation 2022 will have features such as the electronic parking brake, 7-inch color digital dashboard, blind spot camera and steering-wheel change throttle.

The Hyundai Crete 2022 is scheduled to launch in September;  What has changed?
Photo: Hyundai / Disclosure

In addition, the launch will include a safety package such as independent braking, adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistant, which will be essential during transportation, ensuring even more peace of mind on the road.


On July 22, Hyundai made available on its digital channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and on its website the first official images of the car.

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Through the presentation video, it is possible to discover new features and technologies such as the blueNAV multimedia center that has connectivity for Apple Car Play and Android Auto, and the modern LED daytime running lights that the vehicle will offer. However, the exterior forms of the car will still be outstanding.

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To watch the video. Just click below:

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