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Couple arrested for ‘inappropriately’ hugging a motorcycle

Couple arrested for ‘inappropriately’ hugging a motorcycle

A couple has been caught on film embracing in an unusual position on top of a motorbike (photo: clone)

Police arrested a young couple in Durg, India, on January 22 for “indecent activities”. The two rode a motorcycle while hugging each other in an unusual way. In addition, two other people responsible for the photos taken from another vehicle were arrested.

The photos went viral in the Asian country, prompting the security men to identify young Javed and Uday Singh, 27, and two sister girls, based on traffic legislation.

To the police, the couple in an unusual situation claimed the intention was for the video to go viral and make their former boyfriends jealous.

One of the motorcycles used by the youths was bought after it was stolen.

Another couple, also in Lucknow, India, became famous in the country when they were photographed in the same pose as Javed and Uday. Police said the duo would be punished under the traffic law and “publication of obscenity”.

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