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3 ways to read a message on WhatsApp without accessing the Internet

3 ways to read a message on WhatsApp without accessing the Internet

It is common to be curious to read a message on The WhatsApp Without others knowing that you are online and accessing the app. So there are some tricks that help in concealing the presence in the messenger.

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So far, the The WhatsApp It has not yet provided a tool that permanently hides the “online” status under the name. That is, unfortunately there is no official service to apply in this sense. However, some tricks can be the solution and make it happen. Check it out below!

3 ways to read a message on WhatsApp without appearing “online”

1. Activate the popup

WhatsApp offers some features to notify the user that he has received a new message. One of them is through the popup, which appears in the middle of the device screen as soon as a new message is received.

To activate it, just go to your WhatsApp contacts and then to Settings > Notifications > Popup. It is important to note that this method is only available for smartphones with Android version 9 or lower.

2. Use notifications to reply

Another way to reply to a contact on WhatsApp without having to access the platform is through mobile notifications. Once you receive the message notification, simply click on the Reply option and type the message.

Remember that this can be done from the mobile home screen or from any other application window. There is also a “Mark as Read” option which, when selected, will display the contact to whom the message was viewed.

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3. Use WhatsApp tools

Finally, the tip for reading and sending a message from the app without appearing “online” is through the tools. To access it, unlock your phone and tap your finger on the home screen or desktop.

Then tap on the Widgets option and go to the WhatsApp app. By activating the function, it will be possible to read messages from the application without actually accessing them.