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Only those with eagle eyes find the ball among the pandas!

Only those with eagle eyes find the ball among the pandas!

If you like IQ or IQ tests, we are sure you will enjoy this one too! In the next picture, you have to find the missing ball among the pandas, and you have to do that within 17 seconds.

In the photo, the pandas appear with several different expressions, intended to confuse you on purpose. Are you ready yet?

This challenge helps stimulate focus, concentration, logical thinking, and neurological development. Who knew a fun and simple suggestion could be so helpful, right?

This is why this type of viral challenge is often so popular. Plus, it’s a fun game and a great way to pass the time for any age.

Activities like this help us exercise our memory, as well as distract us and keep us more focused. So, if you are a very forgetful person, you already know: test your skill now!

You can manage to find the ball in less than 17 seconds, just be attentive to the image, calm so as not to get confused easily and focus, so as not to be fooled by the details.

Challenge: Can you find the soccer ball among the pandas?

Let’s get to work then shall we? Take a deep breath and notice:

Image: reproduction

Huum…it looks like time is up! But if you still haven’t succeeded, why not keep trying? Who knew you couldn’t now?

Did you manage to find it after trying again? We hope so! Since the estimated time is now out, let’s reveal the answer, shall we? Looks like the moment of truth has arrived!

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Here is the answer to the challenge:

Image: reproduction

The answer to this exciting quiz was well hidden, don’t you think? How can a panda and a ball look alike?

You can take quizzes like this whenever you want, but the question remains: Did you find the answer quickly, or did you need another chance to find it? We want to know, huh!

If this challenge isn’t your chance to find the answer the first time, how about doing some other things to train your brain?