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Terry cries as he sings with Marilia Mendonca

Terry cries as he sings with Marilia Mendonca

Terry couldn’t hold back the emotions when singing “Hackearam-me”, a song she has partnered with MarĂ­lia Mendonça, in “Altas Horas”. The singer passed away last month, After the plane crash, in Minas Gerais.

The artist needed the help of other guests and the band on the show to sing the part that was Marilia. In the second part of MusicHe was very emotional and cried, unable to complete the verses that the singer had interpreted.

Bello, Pablo and the musicians from “Altas Horas” helped Thierry finish the song on stage. In the end, he thanked his colleagues for their help and related a recent conversation he had with Marilia’s mother, Ruth Moreira.

She said, ‘I am so strong and so happy because I am so grateful to God that he allowed Marilia to stay here for 26 years. It’s a job that will go on for the rest of our lives. “

Terry concluded, “Shuraw, my idol, used to say, ‘What’s good lasts long enough to be memorable.’ I think that phrase says it all about Marilia.”

Presenter Serginio Groysman, who wore a T-shirt with the word “suffering” on it, recalled Marilia Mendonca’s participation in the program. Talk about the joy and affection that Certanega He was with everyone.

“All tears are not enough,” said Serginho, “but it’s also a way to honor. She’s alive and present as long as her song is sung. And as long as we remember her, she’s forever.”