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Political parties approach Dwayne Johnson to run for president of the United States – Entertainment

Political parties approach Dwayne Johnson to run for president of the United States – Entertainment

The family was the main reason why Johnson has not accepted the invitations so far

Dwayne Johnson He is one of the most famous names in the world today, with a huge fan following and over 392 million followers on the web. He is also one of the favorite celebrities of many people in the United States to become the president of the country.

In a podcast interview What now?By Trevor Noah The actor has revealed that several political parties have approached him to run for president.

Noah commented on a 2021 poll that showed 46% of American adults would support Johnson's political campaign.

“It was an interesting poll, and I was touched by it. I was shocked and felt really proud. I will tell you one thing: at the end of 2022, I received a visit from parties asking me if I would run, if I could run,” the star of projects like Jumanji, Moana that it Black Adam.

According to the actor, other research proved that he would have a real chance if he ran for the position: “It was a real thing, and it came out of nowhere. They came one by one, bringing this research and also their own research.” Own research has proven that if you choose to follow this path [eu seria um concorrente de verdade]”.

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“The whole thing was surreal,” he explained, “because it was never my goal. I never had the goal of getting into politics. In fact, there are a lot of things I hate about politics.”

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In 2017, Johnson first spoke about the issue, but in 2022, he said the possibility was off the table. “I love being a father, and that's the most important thing to me, being a father. No. 1, especially right now, this is a defining moment in my daughters' lives,” he said.

Being away from his family was the reason why the actor has not accepted invitations yet: “With my 22-year-old daughter Simone, we like to say we grew up together. I know what it's like to be in a 'job that took me away as a full-time professional wrestler, I used to wrestle 230 One day a year for years when she came into my world. So I know what it's like to be separated and not be there for birthdays or school choices. – Ascending and descending. And all these things. And I don't want that for my little kids now. That was my first argument with the parties, who were saying, “Yes, but everyone did it this way.” “

Johnson's latest cinematic work Fast and Furious 10, released in May of this year. He will also star in a Christmas film Red Onealongside Chris Evans, who is expected to make his debut in 2023.

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