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Young man earns R$7,000 from artisanal gourmet ice cream sales |  Beijing

Young man earns R$7,000 from artisanal gourmet ice cream sales | Beijing

A young man earns R$7,000 selling gourmet ice cream

The taste of childhood, sweet and refreshing – that’s what Dindin, handmade ice creamWhich changed Anne Carolyn Martinez’s financial life in 2018.

😋 It was the product Attractive, easy to prepare and the investment was R$60 to get started.

At the age of 23, Anne started producing dinden in her parents’ house where she lived, and went out selling it door to door.

Because of this, I then gained the ability to deliver around the neighborhood, when I was able to purchase a bicycle 🚴‍♀️.

He then created a social media profile to raise awareness of the product. As sales increased, she formalized herself as an individual entrepreneur (MEI).

Anne produces 10 flavors of Dinden such as passion fruit mousse, milk powder with strawberries or hazelnut cream. But the flagship is the Bahian dessert ice cream, which contains coconut and caramel sauce 🍬.

Last year, Anne fulfilled her dream of living on her own. Her kitchen is small, but she can produce an average of 100 dinars a day.

To increase its sales, it invested in a strategy of installing freezers in partner stores. Currently, it has 5 points of sale.

Hey The monthly business revenue is R$7,000.

Dindin, good to see you, gourmet

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