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Tech professionals pay up to R,500 a month to sleep in pods in Silicon Valley |  Companies

Tech professionals pay up to R$4,500 a month to sleep in pods in Silicon Valley | Companies

Brownstone Shared Housing Pods – Photo: Disclosure / Brownstone Shared Housing

It is famous for its several residences Start-ups that it Big technologies Due to its success, Silicon Valley is in demand not only by companies, but also by professionals who want to live in the area. This of course makes rents very high. Faced with this scenario, alternative options are becoming popular in the region, especially shared spaces that provide rooms with beds for professionals to relax.

According to the Interested in tradeOne of the companies providing the service is Co-housing in Brownstone. In an interview, CEO James Stallworth said space rents vary by region: US$500 (R$2,500) in Bakersfield, US$700 (R$3,500) in San Francisco and US$900 (R$4,500) in Palo Alto. .

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“Our private beds have 40% more space than typical bunk beds and come equipped with individual lights, privacy curtains, temperature-controlled fans and other essentials,” the company’s website says.

Brownstone Pods – Photo: Disclosure/Brownstone Cohousing
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Founder of AI startup Spellcraft, Christian Lewis is a pro who uses small spaces to sleep. The executive considers this option to be more beneficial than paying up to $4,000 in rent in San Francisco without paying $4,000 (R$20,000). “I think this is a great solution,” he added.

For October, Brownstone already has maximum capacity for the month in its 28 pods.

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