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Lexa rebuts netizen after being criticized for pulling Mutirão against Gustavo at BBB 23: “Zero on the left”

Lexa rebuts netizen after being criticized for pulling Mutirão against Gustavo at BBB 23: “Zero on the left”


One of the followers questioned the singer and asked the artist not to hate her brother

Photo: Instagram/Lexa e Reproduction/TV Globo

Lexa He was watching Big Brother Brazil closely, because MCguime. She even previously revealed that she would only draw crowd votes to avoid the possibility of disqualifying the singer, when he is in Paredão, but the artist changed her mind and decided to ask her followers to vote against her. Gustavo, which was nominated by the musician for Paredão. After being criticized by a follower for the decision, the singer hit back at the netizen.

After some fans asked her why she decided to request a vote against her GustavoAnd Lexa Take a stand: “Just to make one thing clear guys, I will only make a joint effort when it is guime You have it on the wall, but with respect key that it GustavoI will do it,” she explained. Then the follower asked her: “Lexa Don’t forget that this is a game, don’t confuse things, because Arthur’s wife is confused and created a mess without volume, of course you need to defend your husband, but understand that it is a game, you don’t need to create hatred Netizens said.

Photo: Playback / TV Globo

The singer responded to the criticism, saying that she decided to take this decision because, in her opinion, Gustavo that it key They disrespected the funk singer: “But it’s not about my love being hated, they’re not being respected guime On all levels, I have my business to take care of, but I would be a zero left woman if I didn’t stand up for those who only glorify me while I’m married. do you understand? “

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MCguime He got the supreme strength to answer the big phone, and with that he decided to lay down Gustavo in Paredão. Soon after the musician’s decision, Lexa She made sure to celebrate on social media by praising her husband: “Big man! The player is called in the game MCguimemy husband! The singer celebrated.

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