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You may sleep poorly due to a simple mistake in the pillow

You may sleep poorly due to a simple mistake in the pillow

In Brazil alone, 73 million people live with sleep problems or difficulties that characterize insomnia. Data are from the Brazilian Sleep Society (ABS). In fact, according to the organization, for most people in major cities, sleeping 8 hours a night is a luxury.

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This is the time recommended by doctors and experts in this field for the body and mind to rest properly. Although stress is one of the factors that prevents a restful night, there are many other points to highlight. One of them might be on your own pillow.

A slight difference in the pillow may be the cause of insomnia

Levon Hall, from a foreign site bed kingdomHe explained that sleep “is one of the most important parts of our daily routine and we need good quality sleep to maintain a healthy body and mind. Quality is just as important as quantity, and even the smallest mistakes in bedtime habits can make a big difference. When it comes to pillows, little of the Pillows can be made for you vertical Bend over “.

According to the content, one or two pillows of good quality should be enough to meet the needs of adults for comfort. The goal is to lie in the correct position and without forcing any structure of the spine, shoulders and arms. This will help control potential insomnia frames.

time specialists to sleep From The Sleep Council recommends trying different pillows to find the one that will give you the perfect night’s sleep. If you suffer from insomnia and don’t understand why, it may be much simpler than you thought.

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Their website says, “If possible, you should try a pillow (or pillows) on a bed where you can lie on your side. Have someone check that your neck and upper back are in a straight line. Pillows should fit tightly around the neck and shoulder to support the head fully.