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Xbox Game Pass: A new feature provides useful information

Xbox Game Pass: A new feature provides useful information

As Gamespot also reported, Xbox Game Pass is about to get a new feature that could provide useful information to subscribers of the service, essentially indicating the next games that will be removed from the catalog.

In essence, it is an integration with information that can be obtained about the games belonging to the user's catalog in the “My games and apps” section, in this case with notice Specific about possible withdrawal From the Xbox Game Pass title.

When opening a game that is scheduled to be removed from the catalog, a message will appear informing the user of the upcoming exit from the service, giving the user the opportunity to see how much time we have before it can no longer be played for free with the catalog.

This function will also allow you to access the store faster and more directly, so you can eventually buy the next game using the discount associated with your Xbox Game Pass subscription, at least when it is active.

In addition, Game Pass users will be able to get a “new experience” in some sections of the Xbox Guide, although there is not much clarity on this yet, but the update will be made available soon to Alpha Skip-Ahead users, so we will have it available to you. Opportunity to learn more soon.

I've also recently noticed a middle screen when launching a game that was on Game Pass and is no longer on it, perhaps without realizing it. Instead of just giving an error due to the absence of a license, a screen appears stating that the game is no longer on Game Pass and that you can buy it from the store, with a button to access or cancel.

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After the testing period, the update will be made available to everyone at a later date, with more information to be released by Microsoft in the coming months. In the meantime, we're waiting for the next Xbox Game Pass games to be announced – we have an idea of ​​those coming in February 2024, but Open Roads has just been pushed back to the following month.