The French are increasing the vaccine.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that progress in controlling the UK’s corona virus outbreak will allow more caution but significant easing of restrictions, allowing shops and some restaurants to open in the UK within a week, according to the British government’s schedule. At a news conference on Downing Street, Johnson said there was no epidemic indicator that would force the government to gradually withdraw from the deregulation schedule.

Based on this, on Monday, April 12th, shops selling non-essential necessities and restaurants – restaurants, pubs – will have the opportunity to serve outside. Businesses that provide personalized services, including social services such as hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms and libraries, may also open.

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Meanwhile, the French are closing the country

The restrictions, which were in effect for the second week in a row in France and Paris, and the other eighteen districts were officially extended to the entire country on Saturday. However, the inter-district travel ban was lifted by the government over the Easter weekend to allow families to choose where to spend the next four weeks and for parents to take the child to their grandparents.

One year after Tuesday, schools across the country will be closed again, resembling autumn, work from home is recommended again, and the night curfew order will be in effect from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., but you can leave home on a day without a time limit, but within a 10km radius. Only, up to six people are allowed in the outdoor assembly, and inter-district traffic is prohibited except in emergencies or official matters, in which case written confirmation is required.

The government justified the restrictions, which went into effect for four weeks with the workload of intensive care units. More than 29,000 people needed hospital treatment on Monday night, up from 25,000 a month ago, of whom 5,300 were in the intensive care unit, up from 3,600 a month ago.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal stressed Sunday that the government has no plans to keep the restrictions in place for more than four weeks. For this purpose, the authorities want to double the rhythm of the vaccination campaign, from the current 240,000 vaccine doses to half a million a day. On Monday, 9.3 million French (14 percent of the population) received the first dose of the vaccine, and about 3 million (4.6 percent) received both doses.

Nearly fifty specialized vaccination centers will open this week in stadiums and gyms, including at the State de France National Football Stadium on Tuesday, where about 10,000 people will be vaccinated each week.

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