One of the oldest unsolved crimes in the world to date can be solved by a few 17th-century Arab silver coins, one of which was found on a pick-up land on Rhode Island in New England.

The protagonist of the story is a terrible English pirate who became one of the most coveted criminals in the world after the hijacking of a ship from Mecca to India by Muslim pilgrims, who then pretended to be a slave trader and thus disappeared.

Jim Bailey, an amateur historian who used a metal detector to find the first 17th-century Arab coin in a field in Middletown, said the discovery revealed an almost perfect crime. Hundreds of year coins may illustrate how Captain Henry was able to disappear from each of his followers.

On September 7, 1695, each ship, Fancy, attacked and captured the ship of King Rangaseep’s Kanji-i-Sai of India, carrying not only pilgrims but also tens of thousands of dollars worth of gold and silver medals. According to records, each of the pirates tortured and killed the pilgrims, raped the women on board, and then fled to the contemporary pirate paradise Bahamas. However, the frightening news spread quickly, and III. Under pressure from the King of India and the East India Company, King William of England imposed a great deal of blood on the heads of the pirates.

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As Bailey recalls, the world’s first big driver hunt began: everyone was looking for everyone and his gang. However, it is still known that in 1696 everyone may have traveled to Ireland, where he lost his way. However, according to Bailey, the now-issued silver coins prove that the pirate and his gang were able to escape to the American colonies, and that they recouped their daily expenses from plunder.

The first coin was discovered in 2014 at the Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown. The site had previously aroused Bailey’s interest, and in 2012 he discovered colonial coins, 18th century shoe hooks and bullets. The field was searched by a metal detector, thus discovering the first Arab silver coin. Careful examination of the coin struck in Yemen in 1693 revealed that. So far, 15 more Arab coins from the same era have been found, ten from Massachusetts, three from Rhode Island, and two from Connecticut. A coin was also found in North Carolina, where pirates were able to land for the first time.

Connecticut archaeologist Sarah Sportman said they were one of the pirates’ men who settled in New England. This is also indicated by the fact that one of the coins was discovered in 2018 on the site of a former 17th century farm. According to the archaeologist, the whole thing is like money laundering. Although he appeared to be a hairdresser, everyone turned himself into a slave trader, a profession already known in New England in the 1690s. On his way to the Bahamas, he even stopped at the French island of Reunion to obtain some black slaves to prove his story.

Fog records say of a ship called the Sea Flower used by pirates after the sinking of the Fancy, which sailed on the east coast. In 1696, the ship sailed to Newport with nearly four dozen slaves, which became one of the busiest ports in the North American slave trade in the 18th century.

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According to anthropologist-trained, experienced archaeologist Bailey, several documents suggest that pirates in the American colony may have lost their legs.

Researcher American Monetary Association In his journal Published the results of its research.

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