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The United States has put forward an agreement, but Iran is unlikely to hear it

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Netflix told reporters that the United States was certainly not ready for unilateral gestures against Iran during the Vienna talks, and that they did not expect direct talks with Tehran yet.

The White House had previously announced that it would send a delegation to the talks on Tuesday, but the U.S. delegation will not be in the same room as other countries that have signed the nuclear deal.

Iran and six major powers, the UN Security Council (the United States, China, Russia, France, Britain) and five permanent members of Germany signed an agreement in Vienna in 2015 in which Tehran sought to limit its nuclear program in exchange for gradually raising its nuclear program. International sanctions on its economy. At the time, then-US President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2018 deal, in response to which Iran gradually phased out its obligations and subsequently exceeded the treaty limits on the amount of enriched uranium stored, the amount and type of uranium enrichment. Centrifuges are allowed for uranium enrichment.

U.S. With the election of Democrat Joe Biden as president, it was hoped that Washington would return to a nuclear negotiating position, but so far neither side is ready to take the first step.

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Syed Hadibzadeh, Iran’s foreign affairs spokesman, reiterated at a news conference on Monday that the Shiite government would return to the nuclear deal only if Washington lifted all sanctions against Iran.

Cover Image Source: Iranian Presidency / Handout / Anatolian Agency via Getty Images