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Kamala says she may have to accept the US presidency

Kamala says she may have to accept the US presidency

Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, “perhaps”, he said that he should assume the presidency of the country. This will happen if President Joe Biden cannot finish his term.

The Democrat made the statement in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday 6th. He also insisted that he is ready to command the North American country.


“Every vice president must understand that when he takes the oath of office, he is aware of the responsibility that comes with the opportunity to become president,” said Kamala Harris. “I am no different.”

When asked about Biden being physically and mentally fit to run for re-election, the vice president shied away from controversy. “Joe Biden would be great,” he said. “Then that’s beside the point.”

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According to the newspaper New York PostKamala’s statement draws attention because Washington politicians fear criticism and shy away from questions about the deaths of elderly people.

Of the 45 presidents who have served in the United States, 8 have died in office – four by assassination and four by natural causes. Biden is already the oldest president in US history and will turn 81 in November.

Kamala Harris is less popular than Joe Biden

As measured by the RealClearPolitics portal, the vice president has a 36.4% approval rating. The number is lower than Biden’s, drawing criticism from the opposition and the Democratic base.

Kamala Harris is less popular than Joe Biden Photo: Disclosure/Real Clear Politics

The current US president continues to be pressured by recent controversies such as the investigations involving his son; Such as his pseudonymous emails that he trades for personal gain; Relativity of the fires in Hawaii and how to request Accusation It is still in transit in the US House of Representatives.

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Biden He is seeking a second term in the next election. If that happens, he will step down at the age of 86.

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