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Woman Says McDonald's Snack Came With Help From 'Bite and Sneak'

Woman Says McDonald’s Snack Came With Help From ‘Bite and Sneak’

A British woman was furious when she found a hole in a McDonald’s lunch that looked like a bite mark. The woman expressed her anger on social media, and the incident gained strong repercussions.

According to what she said, the episode took place on April 26, in Coventry, United Kingdom. After dropping her two kids off at school, Lana Taylor, 31, headed to an American fast food restaurant for breakfast. According to information from Britain’s Mirror newspaper, she had ordered an egg sandwich with two hash browns and a crispy potato batter.

However, when she took the combo to her car to eat it while driving home, she noticed a strange and strange mark on one of the hash browns and began to fear that someone might have bitten her breakfast.

Disappointed, Lana had to start her work day without eating a full meal. However, he decided not to go back to the restaurant branch to complain.

On Twitter, she sarcastically said: “Oh, McDonald’s UK restaurants are so good. They even help you eat a hash brown. Who wouldn’t want a hash brown in one bite?”

According to Lana, the incident can be considered to some extent a joke, but it involves some violations of health regulations in restaurants and, above all, the risks of spreading diseases such as COVID-19.

“There was a bite. It was really disgusting. I thought for a second, ‘Should I cut this bit off and eat the rest?'” “But we’ve just come out of a pandemic, so doing that is still a dangerous thing to do,” he declared.

After filing a complaint online, Lana claims she has yet to receive a direct response from McDonald’s. In turn, a company spokesperson apologized to the customer for the inconvenience. He confirmed that Brown’s cannabis had not been altered and that a suspicious trait in the snack could have been caused during the cooking process.

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Although Lana admitted that the hash fillings could be broken before frying, she still suspected that someone had bitten them.