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A copy of the Bible “allows” to find adultery

A copy of the Bible published in 1631 was discovered in New Zealand. What stands out in the book is the “permission” to commit the sin of adultery.

According to O Globo, an error in the material, which is estimated to have only 20 copies worldwide, completely changes the meaning of one of the Wills. The absence of the word “no” in the verse “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” the seventh commandment, gives a clue to encouraging infidelity: “You fornicate.”

According to the Guardian, the editors in charge, Robert Parker and Martin Lucas, who worked for the English King Charles I (1600-1949), were fined, and lost their professional license after the error. They would still be required to pay an annual fine of £300, but the penalty was eventually scrapped.

It is believed that the twenty copies were preserved after all the publications (about a thousand copies) were destroyed by the decision of the empire. The print error won’t be caught until the next year.

The discovered specimen is at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. The foundation was reportedly informed of the copy’s existence in 2018, but has kept the discovery a secret until now, to allow researchers and book keepers enough time to study and preserve the book.

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